Sell Me A Gun (featuring- Greg Brown)

howdy kids,
hope you dig sell me a gun.

brother brown and i and the snowstormy back alley team recorded this song for mercy on ignorance.

stay tuned for new album...come hell or high water.


*vocal-percussion--no instruments--maybe weird noises-ha!

i pawned my guitar
i pawned my tv
cracked your safe
you know it's so damn easy

i been in jail
and a chill out locker
strung out as hell
locked up in the closet

now i'm free at last
sick finger on the trigger
my history dont matter
and the guns get bigger


sell me a gun
i got the money
i aint the only one
blood thirsty and lucky

now i'm drunk as hell
right down on broadway
a man in a cadillac
hundred dollars for a pistol

no laws on the books
no background checks
you got the goods
and i'll shoot ya dead


me and marco
gotta plan on the inside
we won the lotto
sell guns with a sweet smile


c. 2018 gypsy eyes music, bmi
malcolm holcombe