Dirty Rock - March 24, 2017

BY   CARLOS PEREZ BÁEZ     DISCS 24 March, 2017

Malcolm Holcombe published "Pretty Little Troubles", sixteenth studio album produced by Darrell Scott and Brian Brinkerhoff and recorded at The Sanctuary and Hippie Jack's studios Crawford, Tennessee, disc will be available on April 7 in the US and May 26 in Europe after Another Black Hole, released last year, which helped the legendary singer, songwriter and guitarist Tony Joe White  produced by Ray Kennedy and Brian Brinkerhoff in the studios of Nashville Room & Board Studios.

Malcolm Holcombe It offers his new album to dreams, tears and sweat of those refugees and migrants who fought for a better life through the bus of the American witnessing firsthand their particular adversities, poetry and metaphors that contain not only love and fury but toward despair, a cry to those vulnerable in today's society and their suffering.

Malcolm, composer, singer and American guitarist in his deep, raspy voice from North Carolina, famous Appalachians in which the air passes through the lungs burned by millions of cigarettes and a soul that has been broken by a series of personal tragedies due to drugs and alcohol, and that does not forget on this album of first Irish settlers who came to the United States, those empty stomachs and almost rotten bottle through the strumming of his guitar like wire.

His particular of the American Bus continues traveling through a rocky highway these miseries, which is located at each stop blind, thieves, alcoholics, babies, hearts of glass and miserable poor with poison in their pockets. Life as a roulette theater, misery always in his pockets. Is "Pretty Little Troubles" the story of life, dreams and broken hearts, of the weaknesses of the human species, in which you never have time for regret or nostalgia.

The great poet of the 21st century, Malcolm Holcombe, always has a smile in his pocket, in the fire of the sun going down every night, hitting continuously and other strokes. Magnetism pure and unsullied truth. discazo "Pretty Little Troubles" Mr. Holcombe, record we've been lucky enough to hear. One of the best works of 2017.

Malcolm Holcombe was accompanied for this record "Pretty Little Troubles" of musicians and producer Darrel Scott himself, his habitual Jared Tyler, Verlon Thompson, Marco Giovo, Dennis Crouch, Joey Miskulin, Kenny Malone, Jelly Roll Johnson, Mike McGoldrick, and Jonathan Yudkin.

Malcolm Holcombe began playing in a Country training in North Carolina, until he decided to go to Nashville to write songs, making this city one of the best underground composers in the early nineties with his usual softened moans with his poetry Steve Earle and Lucinda Williams consider him the best songwriter in recent years, making his first album for a major label in 1999 entitled "A Hundred Lies" before debut with "A Far Cry From Here" (1994).

List of songs from the new album Malcolm Holcombe   "Pretty Little Troubles"

1. Crippled Point O 'View
2. Yours No More
3. Good Ole Days
4. Outta Luck
5. South Hampton Street
6. Rocky Ground
7. Pretty Little Troubles
8. Bury, England
9. Damn Weeds
10. The Eyes O 'Josephine
11. The Sky Stood Still
12. We Struggle