FolkWords - January 2016

‘Another Black Hole’ from Malcolm Holcombe - songs that hold a ruthless honesty

There are certain constants in life, things happen and you can be sure of the outcome. A new album from Malcolm Holcombe delivers precisely that certainty… as always, there’s raunchy, gutsy percussive guitar together with unrefined, gruff vocals. Together, this union presents songs of meaning, songs driven from life built on experience. Songs with a sound from the rough side of the tracks, songs that hold a ruthless honesty.

‘Another Black Hole’, which releases in the UK in February 2016, follows up the acclaimed ‘The RCA Sessions’, which was a look back at 20 years music making. This one is a definite look forward, but as I said earlier, nothing changes except perhaps Holcombe’s perceptive lyrics cut ever deeper. From the narrative of ‘Sweet Georgia’ through the down and dirty title track ‘Another Black Hole’ and‘Heidelberg Blues’ to ‘September’ and ‘Leavin’ Anna’, Holcombe lyrics sweep you along with his poetry of life.

Alongside Malcolm Holcombe (vocals, acoustic guitar) on Another Black Hole’ are the familiar skills of Jared Tyler (dobro, baritone guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmony vocals) Dave Roe (upright and electric bass) Ken Coomer (drums, percussion) Tony Joe White (electric guitar) Future Man aka Roy Wotten (percussion) and Drea Merritt (vocal harmonies).


Review: Tom Franks