The Blues Magazine - August 2015

Singular Records/Gypsy Eyes Music

Timeless Music from a Gruff but Great Voice

If you're not familiar with Holcombe, it's time to get acquainted. This package of songs is a near-faultless showcare of country-tinged roots music.

Ranging from the delicate Down the River to the rattling Butcher in Town, swooning melodies, subtly varied rhythms and evocative lyrics abound. With Holcombe's grizzled voice and acoustic guitar at the core, his top-notch gang of collaborators round out every song exquisitely, though Jared Tyler's Dobro and lap steel and Tammy Rogers' fiddle deserve a special mention. The DVD is extra booty, underscoring the intensity of Holcombe's performance. A rare jewel, this should be treasured.

By Iain Cameron