Yours No More

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Yours No More

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yours no more

you built all our bridges
and mined all our coal
you fought for our freedom
and died in our wars

steel workers in the fact'ries
your back breakin' plows
your sweatin' and your dreamin'
made my home free and proud

send me your tired and poor
sick and sufferin'
send them to me
send them to me
ellis island is yours no more

been thrown outta england
for misdeeds and blood
you journeyed and dared
by God's grace and love

i once was a beggar
robber and a liar
at the mercy of handouts
and government lawyers


oh why do you suffer
and homeless you cry
only memories of justice
and tears in your eyes

Lord knows i dont know nuthin'
less ev'ry day
jus' a lil bit older
and a heart in the way


ellis island is yours
no more 

c. 2016 gypsy eyes music, bmi

malcolm holcombe