The Sky Stood Still

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The Sky Stood Still

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the sky stood still

the sky stood still
but the clouds keep a rollin'
full o' gray red white and blue

too close to the bone too far from my home
nobody feels your love
what's wrong with me what's wrong with you
my faith in us bout all gone

we march and beg cry and we scream
the sizzlin sun's the same
darkness cools the water i drink
and wake up thirsty again


a sweaty knife midnight to my throat
a pistol ready to hold
i shoulda died many times i know
but the grace of God got told

dont need no resason to spill all the blood
jesus died for me
jus' one more opinion in the pourin' down rain
in this world no shame


the amen section would not repent
they did not even try
one heart o' stone one heart o' flesh
too many people die

money lies for truth and for fame
a bargain for us all
the richer rich the colder hearted
angry souls still survive


c. gypsy eyes music, bmi 2016

malcolm holcombe