Damn Weeds

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Damn Weeds

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damn weeds

a double-wide and a butterfly bush
maters got the blight
neighbors cuss the kids and dogs
ev'ry day and night

a friend in need is a friend in deed
i thankya til yer better paid
growin' up's an all day job
i cant get outta my way

gossip and your small talk
dont matter in the long run
got my own row to hoe
slammin' doors and doin' chores
damn weeds a'takin' over

the news is always all the same
more guns and diggin' graves
nuthin' changes til i pray
i try to anyways

my faith it seems to come and go
like summer wind it blows
lord knows i gotta believe
all i do anymore


doctors nurses listen to me
holler and complain
hellbent livin' in the past
and pissin' on today

money goes like paradise
in the hands of politicians
breakin' ev'ry promise made
on beauty and tradition


c. 2016 gypsy eyes music, bmi

malcolm holcombe