The RCA Sessions (Early orders will be accepted starting on March 27, 2015)


Early orders will be accepted starting on March 27, 2015.

US Release April 6, 2015

RCA Sessions DVD - $24.95

1 - Who Carried You? mp3
2 - Mister in Morgantown mp3
3 - I Feel Like a Train mp3
4 - Doncha Miss that Water mp3
5 - The Empty Jar mp3
6 - Butcher in Town mp3
7 - To Drink the Rain mp3
8 - Early Mornin' mp3
9 - I Never Heard You Knockin' mp3
10 - Mouth Harp Man mp3
11 - I Call the Shots mp3
12 - My Ol Radio mp3
13 - Goin Home mp3
14 - Down the River mp3
15 - Pitiful Blues mp3
16 - A Far Cry From Here mp3



Pitiful Blues (cd & digital)


Pitiful Blues - "Malcolm Holcombe's tenth and possibly finest album, is very nearly faultless...these songs make his contemporaries sound barely literate."
- Alan Harrison, No Depression

"...there aren't many albums this honest and there won't be many better this year."
Pitiful Blues, rating: 10
- James McCurry, Americana UK

"Pitiful Blues is up there as one of the best albums I have heard so far this year."
rating: 5 stars
- Michael Hingston, Country Music People

"Listen to a Holcombe song and what you're getting is personality in spades, a narrative so gritty with the noise of tough living that it rarely dips below red on the authenticity meter.
- BBC Music

Worldwide digital release Aug 4, 2014. CD will also be available for purchase at shows and on Malcolm's website on this date.

US Release Aug 5, 2014/UK Release (cd) Aug 4, 2014

Recorded at: Dawghouse Studios - Swannanoa, NC, Blue Alleluia Studio - Tulsa, OK, and Soultree Studio - Tulsa, OK Engineered by: Jared Tyler & Travis Fite Additional Engineering by : Ken Madewell @ Madewell Studio - Prue, OK Musicians: Arthur Thompson - drums, Matt Hayes - Upright Bass, Jared Tyler - Dobro, Mandolin, Baritone Guitar, Ebo, and Backing Vocals, Luke Bulla - fiddle, Patrick "Paddy" Ryan - drums on "Words Not Spoken"

Pitiful Blues CD $15

1 - Pitiful Blues mp3
2 - Roots mp3
3 - Sign for a Sally mp3
4 - Savannah Blues mp3
5 - Another Despair mp3
6 - By The Boots mp3
7 - Words Not Spoken mp3
8 - Words of December mp3
9 - The Music Plays On mp3
10 - For the Love of a Child mp3



Down the River (cd & digital) - US Release Aug 7, 2012/UK Release (cd) Sep 3, 2012

  Worldwide digital release August 7, 2012. CD will also be available for purchase at shows and on Malcolm's website on this date.

Physical CD release date (UK/Europe/US) September 3, 2012.

Down The River CD $15

1 - Butcher in Town 4:26 mp3
2 - I Call the Shots 3:17 mp3
3 - Gone Away at Last 3:44 mp3
4 - The Crossing 2:59 mp3
5 - Twisted Arms 6:15 mp3
6 - The Door 3:39 mp3
7 - The Empty Jar 2:52 mp3
8 - In Your Mercy 4:26 mp3
9 - Whitewash Job 4:14 mp3
10 - Trail O' Money 3:44 mp3
11 - Down the River 4:18 mp3

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ray Kennedy, April 2012, in Nashville, TN at Room & Board Studios & Zen Masters


Malcolm Holcombe- acoustic guitar, vocal
Ken Coomer- drums, percussion
Viktor Krauss- upright bass, arco
Russ Pahl- dobro, electric guitar, banjo, steel guitar
Tammy Rogers-King- mandolin, fiddle, viola
Darrell Scott- dobro, banjo, electric guitar
Steve Earle- duet/harmonica on "Trail O' Money"

Background vocals: Perry Coleman, Emmylou Harris, Siobhan Kennedy, Kim Richey

Original CD artwork by Jan Anderson Morris
CD design by Chris McFall, CROP Creative Media


To Drink the Rain

"The brilliance of Holcombe’s songs, riveting live performances and a troubled early career have made him something of a legend in some circles, but his songs are not geared toward legend-making. They are celebration and testimony as durable and beautiful as the hills where they were written."

- Al Maginnes- Option magazine

"Malcolm Holcombe...stands out like a beacon in an industry full of shiny young things. He is an individual and a one-off and the World is a better place for having him in it. Alan Harrison- No Depression
Amazing, talented, edgy, scary, dangerous, loving, genuine, articulate, kind, unique. If he is ‘down in your woods’ make sure you seek him out – I guarantee you an unforgettable experience."

- Jela Webb- Flyin' Shoes

"‘To Drink The Rain’ may be Holcolmbe’s most accomplished record to date. The album’s simple and honest sound shows just how confident Holcombe is in revealing his unbridled and unrelenting musical vision to the world."

- Americana UK

"Beautiful, if bleak, To Drink the Rain is a triumph. As a performing artist and songwriter, Malcolm Holcombe is an authentic country-blues bard."

- Gerry Quinn- The Irish Examiner

"This is an album populated with subtly catchy choruses that worm their way into the consciousness. Like John Lee Hooker, Holcombe avoids obvious rhymes and wrong-foots the listener. There are unanswered questions aplenty that will draw the curious back for answers time and again. Superior stuff."

- Cate Mitchell- Backroads UK

Price $15.00

Europe/UK release:
Monday, February 14, 2011

US/Canada release:
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Drink the Rain

1 - One Leg at a Time 3:44 mp3
2 - Mountains of Home 3:29 mp3
3 - Behind the #1 4:01 mp3
4 - Down in the Woods 3:23 mp3
5 - Becky's Blessed 3:26 mp3
6 - Those Who Wander 3:12 mp3
7 - Where I Don't Belong 3:13 mp3
8 - The Mighty City 4:05 mp3
9 - Reckon to the Wind 3:11 mp3
10 - To Drink the Rain 4:17 mp3
11 - Comes the Blues 4:27 mp3
12 - One Man Singin' 2:46 mp3

With 12 new and previously unrecorded songs, To Drink the Rain was recorded at Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, TX, September 26-October 2, 2010, produced by Jared Tyler, and engineered by Fred Remmert.

Featured musicians are:

Luke Bulla - Fiddle, and Harmony Vocals
Malcolm Holcombe- acoustic guitar, vocal
Bobby Kallus - Drums
Dave Roe - Upright Bass
Jared Tyler - Dobro, Acoustic Slide, and Harmony Vocals
Shelby Eicher – Mandolin on tracks 4 and 6
Andrew Hardin - Lead acoustic on tracks 1 and 9


For the Mission Baby (cd) - US Release Sept 29, 2009/UK Release Oct 5, 2009

"Full of growling vocals and thumbtack-sharp guitar
picking, Holcombe’s latest is a winning combination of
dark charm, twang and swing that’s hard to ignore."

-Guitar and Bass Magazine

"For the Mission Baby is a brilliant adventure into stimulating stories of unvarnished life expression full of heart, soul and mystery from a master."   - Ray Kennedy, producer (Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Delbert McClinton, Willie Nelson)

"Malcolm Holcombe's music is essential and timeless and it makes the world a better place."

- Tim O'Brien

"Malcolm Holcombe's songs, his work, his art, introduces me to parts of my subconscious self that have no voice and can only be accessed through art...I am a huge fan. His work has influenced mine for years."

- Mary Gauthier

"Malcolm Holcombe is the best songwriter I ever threw out of my recording studio."

- Steve Earle


Malcolm Holcombe's new CD For the Mission Baby will be released in the U.S. on September 29, 2009, and in the UK/Europe on October 5, 2009.

For the Mission Baby

1- Bigtime Blues 4:45 mp3
2- Hannah's Tradin' Post 3:27 mp3
3- Leonard's Pigpen 4:49 mp3
4- You Have It All 2:29 mp3
5- Short Street Blues 3:11 mp3
6- A Bigger Plan 3:10 mp3
7- For the Mission Baby 2:58 mp3
8- Another One Gone 3:37 mp3
9- Doncha Miss That Water 2:36 mp3
10- Straight and Tall 3:05 mp3
11- Whenever I Pray 4:09 mp3
12- Someone Left Behind 3:13 mp3

All songs written by Malcolm Holcombe

Recorded in May '09, produced, recorded and mixed by Ray Kennedy at Room and Board Studios in Nashville, TN.

The band:

Malcolm Holcombe: vocal, acoustic guitar
Tim O'Brien: bouzouki, banjo, mandola, fiddle, harmony vocal
David Roe: upright bass, arco bass
Jared Tyler: dobro, lapsteel, harmony vocal
Lynn Williams: drums, percussion

additional harmony vocals: Siobhan Maher and Mary Gauthier

CD Out of Print

Gamblin' House (cd)


Price $15.00
2007 Echo Mountain Records

Gamblin' House

1. my ol' radio 2:37 mp3
2. goodtimes 2:45 mp3
3. baby likes a love song 3:12 mp3
4. goin' downtown 2:52 mp3
5. evelyn 3:31 mp3
6. you don't come see me anymore 2:18 mp3
7. gamblin' house 2:53 mp3
8. blue flame 3:40 mp3
9. cynthia margaret 2:49 mp3
10. the shade 2:38 mp3
11. from lovin' you 2:39 mp3
12. i'd rather have a home 3:02 mp3

All songs written by Malcolm Holcombe
Recorded at Echo Mountain Studios, Asheville, NC July 30th - Aug 3rd 2007
Overdubs at Room & Board Studio, Nashville, TN

Produced and Engineered by Ray Kennedy
Assistant Engineers - Jon Ashley and Stephanie Hudacek
Mixed at Room & Board by Ray Kennedy, Nashville, TN
Mastered at Zen Masters by Ray Kennedy, Nashville, TN
Art Direction by Josh Rhinehart at Music Allies
Cover and Back Illustrations by JP Delanoye
CD Face & Poster Illustration by Siobhan Maher Kennedy
Photography by Ray Kennedy

The Band
Kenny Malone - Drums/percussion
Ed Snodderly - Dobro, mandolin, mandola, fiddle, banjo
David Roe Rorick - Upright/electric bass
Kirk "Jelly Roll" Johnson - Harmonica
Chris Carmichael - Cello and viola on "Blue Flame"
Siobhan Maher Kennedy - Background vocals on "My Ol' Radio"

Malcolm's Luthier - John Logue
Malcolm Played Ray's 1950 Gibson J-45

Reckoned Acknowledgements: God, Cynthia and Jesse, family, good friends and neighbors.

Thanks to Jessica Tomasin at Echo Mountain Records

CD Out of Print
Purchase via iTunes:

Wager (ep)

  A 5 song EP release from Malcolm Holcombe. This is a companion CD to Malcolm's full CD release, "Gamblin' House" which has full distribution and is available nationwide. "Wager" will be available on Amazon and through Malcolm's website.

Price $10.00
2007 Echo Mountain Records

1-I Feel Like a Train* mp3
2-Back to Hell in a Greyhound* mp3
3-High Rollin' Gambler*** mp3
4-Backin' Up On Peggy** mp3
5-Evelyn* mp3

*c. 2007 GypsyEyes Music, BMI
**c.2007 Bug Music/GypsyEyes Music, BMI
***c.2007 Butterside Music
All songs written by Malcolm Holcombe

mixed and mastered by ray kennedy at room and board
& zen masters: nashville tn.
assistant engineers JON ASHLEY & STEPHANIE HUDACEK

MALCOLM HOLCOMBE guitar & vocals
KENNY MALONE drums & percussion
DAVID ROE upright and electric bass
ED SNODDERLY dobro, fiddle, banjo, mandolin & mandola
RAY KENNEDY ethnic drum & knee percussion

Additional Recording at Room & Board By:
JIM HOKE: clarinet

photos by: josh rhinehart

recorded in asheville nc at echo mt studios july 30th to aug 4th , 2007.
all songs written by malcolm holcombe


Not Forgotten (cd)

"I’m gonna say it now . . . Not Forgotten" is Malcolm Holcombe at his very best, which, considering his back catalogue, is sayin’ a whole helluva lot. In spite of its title, this is a work to be remembered, to be listened to time and time again . . ."
-Shaun Harvey "Americana Roots"


"His rich rough voice rides roughshod over the sophistication and brings out the best in him. This record is like a chunk of wood in a pile of plastic."
-David Cowling "Americana UK"


"The rare songwriter whose lyrics work as poetry as well as they do as songs, Holcombe uses words to paint images that are often abstract but always connect on an emotional level."
Jack Silverman- Nashville Scene


"A musical landscape where all themes lead to home...Not Forgotten is glorious in its sublime earthiness."
Paige LaGrone Babcock- Pure Music

Not Forgotten




"..a driving a mix of blues, country, folk and Smoky Mountain soul that surrounds you and stays on your skin like wood smoke. As always, Holcombe leaves the term "singer-songwriter" woefully wanting."
Rick Cornell "The Independent Weekly"


"It's that old school blues feel, coupled with poetic images of blue-collar life, that gives Holcombe's music so much power and has earned him such high praise...writing songs that feel as real as small-town newspaper stories and as timeless as lullabies."
Paul Kingsbury- American Songwriter

Price $15.00
2006 Gypsy Eyes Music

Recorded at Collapseable Studios in Asheville, NC.; Produced by Malcolm Holcombe and Aaron Price; Engineered by Aaron Price; Mixed by Aaron Price and Bill Reynolds; Mastered by Ray Kennedy

1. Sparrows and Sparrows mp3
2. Goin' Home mp3
3. A Steady Heart mp3
4. Baby Doll mp3
5. Room Eleven mp3
6. Cryin' Dime mp3
7. Not Forgotten mp3
8. Your Eyes Will Shine mp3
9. Yesterday's Clothes mp3
10. Animated Sanctuary mp3
11. This Ol' House mp3
12. Where is My Garden? mp3

Also Available at:

Disc Exchange-Knoxville, TN
Fox Music Store- Watertown, WI
Off-Square Books- Oxford, MS
Acoustic Corner- Black Mountain, NC
Karmasonics- Asheville, NC
Lucky Dice - Netherlands
Harvest Records - West Asheville, NC
Music Coop- Ashland, OR
Uncle Sam's Music- Miami, FL
Miami Beach Cinematheque - Miami Beach, FL
Rock and Roll Circus - Madrid, Spain
Horizon Records, Greenville SC
In Your Ear Music, Sylva, NC

Available to order online from:

Village Records

Scandinavia: Playground
UK: Cadiz
Germany: Indigo
Italy: IRD distribucione
France: Nocturne
Switzerland; K-Tell / Disctrade


I Never Heard You Knockin' (cd)
"Malcolm Holcombe sings in a gruff and dusty voice harsh with experience. But there’s a wisdom to his delivery, and a brittle beauty to his rootsy tunes, that makes his music a pleasure to listen to."
Jim Farber
New York Daily News

"The album is acoustic...the purest expression of this artist's gift imaginable. Nothing else is needed to convey the layers of Carolina grit in his voice and soul, or the intermingled dark and light in his lyrics. It's that small cool hit of redemption inside the burning houses that are his songs that makes Holcombe so compelling, both as a writer and performer."
Judith Edelman

"His songs blend gut-deep urgency with a knack for lyrical images rendered in the fewest words possible, and reflect his dual personality—part troubled soul, part front-porch sage."
Jack Silverman- Nashville Scene

I Never Heard You Knockin'




"Some singers have an old soul, but Malcolm Holcombe's has always felt downright primordial. Across the ages, he has developed a rugged state of grace that's all his own. Such gifted players as Greg Leisz, Jerry Scheff and Stuart Duncan appeared on his last two records, but decorating Holcombe's sinewy, fiercely spirited music is putting a bandana on a bulldog."I Never Heard You Knockin' " is just voice and guitar, and it showcases Holcombe at his best."
Rick Cornell
No Depression

2005 Self-Produced, All-Acoustic

engineered by Aaron Price at Collapseable Studios in Asheville, NC; mixed and mastered by Ray Kennedy at Zen Masters in Nashville, TN.

1. Sittin' Sad MP3
2. For The Love Of A Good Woman MP3
3. Doin' His Job MP3
4. Not Who You're Thinkin' Of MP3
5. Gone By The Ol' Sunrise MP3
6. Mama Told Me So MP3
7. Kiss Me When I'm Sleepin' MP3
8. Cathy's Creek MP3
9. Early Mornin' MP3
10. This Town Knows Me MP3
11. I Never Heard You Knockin' MP3

Another Wisdom (cd)

"He is undoubtedly one of the great folk acts in the world today, and we highly recommend you purchase this and any other recording of his you can get your hands on."
Puremusic review

"...Holcombe has mastered his craft so well that he is able to tap almost unconsciously into the nameless emotions that inform the best songs."
Al Maginness- No Depression #45

Another Wisdom - CD

Price $16.00
2003 Southbound Records Ltd.
Produced By Don Tolle

Track Listing:
1. The Station MP3
2. Bring the Water On Down MP3
3. Woman Missin'
4. Love Abides MP3
5. Mister In Morgantown
6. Another Wisdom
7. Sleepy Town
8. Marvalene's Kitchen
9. Who Carried You
10. Captured By Paradise
11. Grace In Sand


A Hundred Lies (cd)

"...produce[r] Steven Soles...
provides an intense and fertile
field of sound behind Holcombe' s gruff voice and lonely guitar. One of the best folk discs of the year."
-No Depression

"4 stars...haunted country, acoustic blues and rugged folk all meet [here].... Whispers of Guy Clark, Fred Eaglesmith, Bill Morrisey, and John Prine all quietly echo in Holcombe's old-soul sound..."

A Hundred Lies - CD




"..Holcombe's brilliant insurgent country debut is accentuated by his craggy, weathered vocal style.
Highly recommended".
-Dirty Linen

1999 Geffen Records, Inc.
Produced by J. Steven Soles

Track Listing:
1. A Hundred Lies MP3
2. Dressed In White MP3
3. Who Carried You MP3
4. A Far Cry From Here MP3
5. To The Homeland MP3
6. Justice In A Cradle MP3
7. Emma Jean MP3
8. Back On The Edge O'Town MP3
9. No Place To Be MP3
10. Only For You  MP3


Jelly Roll Johnson (cd)

"Jelly Roll Johnson is quite possibly the best harmonica player Nashville has ever seen or heard. What he's done here is gather some of his favorite writers and performers together in the studio and lay some hot licks to their cool tunes."
- Neil Fagan
Performing Songwriter

Jelly Roll Johnson - CD Jelly Roll Johnson
and a
Few Close Friends (CD)

Purchase at:

Track Listing:
1. The Ol' Harpoon - Verlon Thompson
2. I Used To Worry - Tony Arata
3. Can I Come Back Home - Fred Knobloch
4. Marvelene's Kitchen - Malcolm Holcombe MP3
5. Beside Myself - Verlon Thompson
6. Night By Night - Tony Arata
7. Troublemaker - Suzi Ragsdale
8. Your Eyes Will Shine - Malcolm Holcombe MP3
9. Love Every Time - Tony Arata
10. A Lover Is Forever - Fred Knobloch
11. Mouth Harp Man - Malcolm Holcombe MP3
A Far Cry From Here (cd)

A Far Cry From Here - CD

Price $16.00
1994 Purple Girl Music, BMI
Produced By Don Tolle

Track Listing:
1. No Danger Lifting Me
2. Who's Got The Time
3. Back In '29
4. A Long Way's This Mornin' MP3
5. Spinnin' Roll On MP3
6. Anna Rubyanne
7. Oh Precious Cargo
8. One Room At Night
9. Justice In A Cradle
10. Ev'ry Honest Word
11. Teachin' Michael Anthony MP3
12. A Far Cry From Here


Trademark (lp)

Trademark (1985) - LP

Trademark (LP)

1985 Upstream Records

Side One
1. Chasing A Rainbow - Malcolm Holcombe
2. Sunrise - Sam Milner
3. Never Been A Fool - Malcolm Holcombe
4. Cities and Seasons - Sam Milner
5. Stepping Stones - Malcolm Holcombe

Side Two
1. County Line - Sam Milner
2. You're On My Mind - Malcolm Holcombe
3. Crossties - Sam Milner
4. Blue Mexican Water - Malcolm Holcombe, Steven Heller
5. Loved By You - Sam Milner